Where you can see The Big 10 Inch in 2016:

October 8, 9 Aurora, CO Punkin Chunkin Colorado.  Click here for directions

November 4, 5, 6 near Bridgeville, DE World Championship Punkin Chunkin  Click here for directions

The “Big 10 Inch” is a pumpkin cannon, so-named according to military custom for its bore. The “Big” refers to the fact that its barrel is 100 feet long! It’s an air cannon – that is, it operates on compressed air. And, it’s not just any air cannon. Pumpkin throwing (also referred to as “punkin chunkin”) is becoming quite popular — there are at least a dozen events each fall that attract all sorts of “chunkers”, catapults, trebuchets, contraptions and machines.

“How far?” you ask. Most people think that the length of a football field would be impressive and guess two football fields to confidently overestimate. Would you believe: we hurl a 10-lb. pumpkin SIX TIMES THAT — OVER 4000 FEET! And, stay tuned…We’ve got a few improvements in mind for the coming year. We’ve actually chunked a pumpkin over a mile (5280 feet)!

The modifications we’ve made should make the Big 10 Inch the cannon to beat. We’re looking forward to going head-to-head with the other members of the “4000 foot club” at this year’s world championships – The Big 10 Inch and a dozen other cannons that have all launched a pumpkin over 4000 feet.

HEY, got the fever yet? Join the “team”! We are offering a broad line of stylish apparel, including polo, tee ,and sweat shirts, and baseball caps with our logo ASK ME ABOUT THE BIG 10 INCHTM on the front and a cannon barrel shooting a pumpkin on the back (tees). Please click here if you would like to purchase one.

BTI breaks one mile barrier:
On 9/9/10 in Moab, UT, The Big 10 Inch launched a 9 lb 12 oz LaEstrella pumpkin 5545.42 ft, that’s 1.05 mile (1.690 km). Thin air (a mile high), a perfect pumpkin, favorable conditions and The Big 10 Inch did the rest. Actually we shot 2 pumpkins more than a mile that day. We’re the first Pumpkin Chunker in history to break a mile. View the Guinness World RecordTM for “farthest distance to fire a pumpkin” here. The one mile story is told here.

A word about our sponsors:

The Big 10 Inch team would like to acknowledge our sponsors, whose in-kind donations have made possible bringing The Big 10 Inch to you. We’re proud to be sponsored by:
* Kompressed Air of Del., New Castle, DE, supplies our air compressor and keeps it in top performance. For all your air compressors, accessories and service needs call K*A*D at 302-322-4900.
* Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA, provides the lubricant for our flying gourds and soaring spirits. These makers of hand-crafted beers have beverages to satisfy any taste. We especially enjoy their HopDevil IPA. Visit Victory’s web site to find a retailer near you.
* Wistar Equipment Inc, Carney’s Point, NJ, furnishes our 40 kW generator. They have the heavy equipment rental, sales and service to meet your needs. See Wistar’s web site or call 800-969-2471.
* FastSigns of Wilmington, quickly makes our banners and decals. For all your visual display needs visit their two locations: off Newport Pk, Stanton and Concord Pk. For FastSigns or call 302-998-6755.
* The Whip, a traditional English pub in the heart of Chester County’s horse country. Serving classic pub fare with a fine selection of beer and ales. For directions to the Whip Tavern.

Having mentioned compressed air, here’s a word about SAFETY. The Big 10 Inch is a compressed air cannon. We use no explosives or combustibles to accelerate pumpkins down the length of our 100-foot barrel to speeds in excess of 500 miles per hour. Even so, air compressed to hundreds of pounds per square inch (psi) deserves considerable respect. If you’re tempted to build your own pumpkin-hurling device, please keep safety in mind, and seek the advice of trained professionals, as needed. We have engineers and scientists on our team who have helped to build a powerful, but safe machine.