One Mile

One Mile Shot Story

As experienced by Ralph Eschborn:
Well, after 11 days, about 4,500 miles of driving, and 5,545.42 feet of pumpkin travel, the Big 10 Inch has returned to its resting place near Delaware City. All in all a very successful trip with only a handful of minor problems (almost full day late start, popped off intercooler hose, Penn State parking tickets, following too closely warning from IN state trooper, setting up in the rain with only 2 people, barrel unit put into a gas station canopy, bald tire, possibly fried inverter, and a trailer light warning from a PA state trooper). Like a round-trip to the Space Shuttle.

As reported in Moab, UT:
2010 Moab Times article

As described later to the West Chester, PA paper:
2010 Daily Local News article

Photos from Moab in 2010