Kompressed Air of Del., New Castle, DE
(KAD’s two stage compressor in the F350.)
Victory Brewing Co., Downingtown, PA
(Official weighmaster added green stripes prior to us loading pumpkin in breech.)
Wistar Equipment Inc, Carney’s Point, NJ
(Wistar Equipment’s 40 kW generator on the field.)
Special thanks to Stewart Ramsey for giving us unrestricted access to his pumpkin patch at Ramsey’s Farm.
We wouldn’t be as good as we are without Charlie Greer’s farm. Thanks Charlie for a great practice field and the pumpkins.
A special thanks to FASTSIGNS of Wilm, DE, the maker of our barrel banner, for quick repairs and updates.
We’re glad to have the support of Stuart Constable of Highland Orchards in growing pumpkins for our air cannon.
Lead Contributors
Ralph Eschborn Pete Hill
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Beverly Fleming
Bobbie Wanta
Pierrette Hickey
Cathy Higgins
Marian Bowen
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Carna Snedeker
Evan Benedict
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